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Disaster Management

It's really unfortunate when a disaster strikes an economy. The circumstances are difficult to handle, and survival becomes tough. However, effective disaster management can come to the rescue with the help of different organisations working for the welfare of the country.

Rehab India Foundation works on the ground and responds to the disasters like floods in the country. Our initial response has begun in Bongaigaon district, Assam. Four villages were identified to rehabilitate the victims under our 5th Calamity Relief Programme. As many as 5,000 people have been affected in the village that became homeless. Rehab built almost seventy homes for the needy in the area and their basic livelihood was taken care of by Rehab afterwards. Rehab also worked in Bihar, Uttarakhand and other disaster-prone regions during the calamity. We have distributed food kits, basic medical facilities, safe drinking water to the affected.

Rehab India Foundation generally follows the long-lasting approach. Our response team reaches the ground and work begins by assessing the extent of the damage and providing food, home and medical amenities to the needy with Rehab adaptation plan in the particular village. Over the following months, we help families stabilize by providing homes for livelihood support. We set up child-friendly spaces to provide children with a caring and safe environment. Our staffs’ remains with the communities until the families have recovered and are ready/able to start life again.

Our ultimate goal is aimed at preserving life, preventing and alleviating suffering and strengthening resilient communities affected by any kind of disaster.

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In an area of disaster, Rehab works towards rehabilitation by empowering the affected communities and protecting the lives of the disaster hit population.