About Us


Daily wage earners, small business owners and self-employed persons in marginalised communities are facing the brunt of the nationwide lockdown and loss of livelihood. We are supporting them and their families through the provision of ration and basic essentials.

Each kit will include items such as:

Food items like: Rice (10 kg), Wheat Flour (10 kg), Tur Dal (3 kg), Moong Dal (2 kg), Cooking Oil (3 litres), Salt (1 kg), Sugar (3 kg), Tea Powder (0.5 kg),

Bathroom and toiletry essentials like: Bathing Soap (5), Washing Soap (3), Toothpaste (1), Sanitary Pads (1 packet), Disinfectant (1), Phenyl (1).

The contents of the kits will suffice for a family of 4-5 persons for a period of one month.