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Information Centre:

In this new knowledge-based society, access to information and knowledge have become essential resources for development. People need information to develop their potential through education and training, to succeed in business, to enrich their cultural experience, and to take control of their daily lives.

Information is a key contributor to the development of individuals and communities. Yet, access to information is not equal in our country. Some people, particularly those living in affluent urban areas, can choose from abundant sources of information. In contrast, people who live in rural areas or poor communities are frequently denied access to the information due to lack of resources.

 To reduce the information distribution gap, Rehab India foundation has established information Centre cum helpdesk Centres in various rural areas of West Bengal and Adoni. These centres work as helpdesk for community people where there queries related to government schemes, scholarships or medicals schemes are answered .The centre work as a mediator  between the government and the community. At these centers Rehab provide various services like helping in making Ration cards, Aadhar Cards etc. Also it work as an awareness centres where we provide information about scholarship programmes , health and sanitation programmes and new schemes launched by the government for the betterment of these people. The centres make a valued contribution to the economic, social and cultural life of the communities that we serve.


Bridging the gap between the Government and the deprived, by building a centre where information/help is readily accessible even in the remote villages.