MSW Scholarship and Stipend Programme


Rehab MSW Programme is a participatory approach of development by selecting students from villages where the rehab projects exist. The reason behind the selection of students from the villages is to build social workers for leadership roles in developing and providing services to individuals, families, groups, communities and Village as whole.

Rehab MSW Programme is designed for students who have completed graduation and would like to pursue their Master Degree in Social Work. The participants get admission in the IGNOU MSW Programme and experience one week training procedure every month at Rehab Head Office, Abul Fazal Enclave, New Delhi.

    Briefly, selected students of Rehab MSW Scholarship Programme grab the opportunity;

     To get admission into IGNOU MSW Programme

     To get stipend

     To get experience of field work at Rehab project locations

     To involve in need assessment and baseline surveys

     To attend internal and external classes

     To bear expenses of food, travel and accommodation during training programme

     To organize events, training programmes and campaigns

     To improve their communication skills by personality development classes

     To visit community based organiza-tions and national NGOs

     To involve in observational visits, assignments and discussions