Rehab Qurbani Food Kit Distriution 2017

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Eid - ul - Adha is a very well known festival around the world. Needless to say, it is a time for charity and for helping those who are less fortunate. Eid reminds us all of our common humanity and of our obligation to help one another whenever and wherever we can. The true spirit of these holy days can be found in the efforts of people who sacrifice to provide humanitarian relief and assistance to those who need it most.
You can give your own Qurbani meat to family and friends nearby, of course. But what if you could reach a family on the other side of the country who are living in some of the worst conditions imaginable and give them the gift of relief and sustenance during a difficult time?
Since 2011, Rehab has been carrying out a massive Qurbani operation on behalf of its donors, providing enough meat to feed a most needy / an average family. The project has been designed carefully to enable the donors to help the less fortunate. We take your gift of meat for Eid –ul- Adha to the really needed and deserving people.

Last year, with the huge support of our donors, we distributed Qurbani food kits to the destitute and impoverished people in the rural areas. We disbursed Qurbani food kits in 1,033 villages situated in 132 districts. 4,27,000 impoverished people of 93,400 families were benefited through this Qurbani programme.

In most villages, Qurbani is carried out within the locality to ensure the meat is fresh and to support the local economy. Through this programme, our donors helped fight the hunger of the poor while fulfilling an Islamic tradition. We prioritize the most vulnerable people, including widows, orphans and children, to receive food security support through our operations.

Like previous year, let your Qurbani benefit the poor and the needy.
Your little gift could go a long way and make big difference.
A Goat cost Rs. 10,000 & Buffalo cost Rs. 20,000.
But, the value of your share is priceless.
Share your Qurbani! Share your happiness!

Contact: Mr. Ishak +91 98463 48093
Mr. Shamees +91 99902 90076

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