Self Help Group

(Padosi) Self Help Group

Rehab India Foundation in its initiative to improve the livelihood of the marginalized section of society started the Rehab (Padosi) SHG Programme at Anandpeta, District Guntoor, Andhra Pradesh in 2012.

The programme was initiated with the defined objectives:

• To distribute interest free loan to poor women to initiate or strengthen micro-enterprise such as petty shop, vegetable corner, flower making, tiffin system, saree Sell, papad making, agarbatti making etc.

• To achieve UN Millennium Development Goal One (Alleviation of Poverty) at village level.

• To encourage and support women to participate in the main stream of development.

• To support group to open saving bank account and build their corpus through regular savings.

• To support women to achieve UN Millennium Development Goal Two by providing elementary education to their children.

• To sensitise group to return loan through convenient installments so that other people will get the same benefits.

As the group was formed on the principles of self-help, marginalised women were trained to take responsibility to manage and expand their business. They learn how to manage finance, administration, decision making, marketing, sells, reinvestment etc.

The main activities of the (Padosi) SHG Group are:

• Loan distribution through a participatory decision making process

• Encouraging women to start small business as per their expertise

• Training/counseling in account management, record keeping of cash inflow-outflow, strategy making, marketing, expansion of business etc.

• Group meetings to build corpus through regular saving

• Meeting for repayment and collection of loan

• Moral classes for personality development and developing self confidence