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Corporate Images “If the villages perish, India will perish too.” - said Mahatma Gandhi.

India is an agrarian economy, their role can’t be ignored. It has great significance for a country like India where majority of the population, around 65% of the people, live in rural areas. Unfortunately, there is huge imbalance in approach towards development between the urban and rural India. As Urban India strives to emerge as the next Superpower, rural India continues on a never-ending journey of poverty, exploitation and in some cases, extinction.

The ground realities add unpleasant hues to an otherwise shining picture of India’s progress. To make India’s growth story a truly inclusive, it becomes imperative to help 833 million people residing in rural India, overcome their developmental challenges.

Rural development aims at improving rural people’s livelihoods in an equitable and sustainable manner, both socially and environmentally, through better access to assets (natural, physical, human, technological and social capital), and services, and control over productive capital (in its financial or economic and political forms) that enable them to improve their livelihoods on a sustainable and equitable basis.

Rehab India foundation under its village Development Programme (VDP) focusses on improving socio and economic conditions of rural India. Village development Programes is designed as a 5 year strategy model to transform the village and changing lives of people.

The ideology behind VDP Programme is to improve the quality of the life of rural people who are neglected and deprived of all the basic amenities and rights. The aim of VDP is to provide Health and sanitation facilities, safe drinking water, basic infrastructure, Education and economic development for sustainable and better living.

In 7yrs of working from 2012 to 2018, Rehab India foundation is able to reach 60 villages and 70,182 beneficiaries under its Village development Programme in various parts of India. Rehab India foundation is successfully implementing its VDP Programme in 7 states -Bihar, West Bengal, Assam , Tamil Nadu , Andhra Pradesh , Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka .

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