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An initiative under the Saakshar BharatProgramme of the Government of India, designed to create a literate society through a variety of teaching and learning programmes for non-literate and neo-literate individualsaged 15 years and above, focusing mainlyon women. Rehab’s Project Coordinators, alongside Saakshar Bharat members conduct assessments in various Rehab VDPs. 44 neo-literateswho have been educated through Rehab’s Adult LiteracyProgramme have appeared for this assessment. Throughthis initiative, Rehab promotes and strengthensAdult Education, especially that of women, by extendingopportunities to those adults who do not have access to formal education, and have crossed the standard age for receiving the same.


Educational assessments are regularly held, to determine the student’s proficiency and knowledge in major subjects such as English, Mathematics, andvernacular language. Students are categorised into three groups based on their age, for this exercise.


First conducted by Rehab’s Centre of Excellenceteam for students of Purnea VDPs, this test evaluates the children’s basic learninglevel. 265 students from thePurneaVDP appeared for the exam. The Centre of Excellence’s Project Coordinators,along with VDP Project Coordinators conduct suchexams on a regular basis, with plans to increase scope and number of candidates exponentially in the near future.