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Rehab’s Centre of Excellence team conductsTalent hunts for community students. In the form of an examination, these Huntsare conducted as a part of Hi Pot Kids project.Through this project, children with highpotential, living in Rehab villages, are identified and are coached, in order to improvetheir prospects of admission in JawaharNavodayaand other reputed institutions.


English Spell Word competitions for communitystudents take place at several VDPs. The students aredivided into teams, and they take part in thecompetitions with great interest. The winning teamis appreciated with prizes. Such competitions greatly motivate students to Inculcate knowledge, given the competitiveness created by such initiatives.


Scholarship Help Desks werefirst initiated in Bihar,to assist students in applying for Pre and Post-Matric Scholarships. It is worthmentioning that this is the first timestudents from rural Bihar have been affordedan opportunity of this kind. Due to poorelectricity supply, and inaccessibility of the internet, students from rural areas, aspiring to attain scholarships, were left unable to apply for the same.Our Help Desk has and continues to alleviate such problems, with480 students from remote villages in Bihar benefitting already. Our staff and volunteers are also associated with the Central Bank of India at Hasanganj, and have aidedStudents in opening bank accounts. The beneficiariesare extremely happy with such interventions, and encourage continuation of the same.


Competitions are held at various VDPs acrossthe country on 15th August. Conducted separately for senior, junior and super junior levels, these quizzes aimed to educatechildren about the Indian freedom struggle, withquestions prepared accordingly. An important corollary of our larger National Integration Initiative, these programs are held to inculcate an understanding of the importance of the shared history of India’s freedom struggle, thereby creating spirit of unity, and appreciation for the liberties our nation enjoys today. While acknowledging that there is still much progress to be made, instilling a common sense of pride and identity in young people who have been largely disengaged from the idea of the Indian nation is a major priority. Given that that is the case, active and widespread participation by students in events such as the Independence Day Quiz, is extremely encouraging.Thewinners were awardedprizes. Through suchinitiatives, Rehab strives to educate futurecitizens about the importance and valueof the freedom our forefathers strove to achieve. It is our most genuine desire to see these programs create a positive attitude towards the nation, its history, and its future, among young people from all sections of society.


Rehab organises summercamps for children in several VDPs, Hundreds of students participate, whilevarious competitions are held,and prizes are distributed to the winners.