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Children in rural areas continue to be deprived ofquality education owing to factors like poverty, lack of competent and committed teachers, lackof textbooks or teaching and learning materials, and so on. To address this problem, Rehab runsfree Tuition Centers, to bring underprivileged children to a level where they can compete with theprivileged. This programme specifically targets young students whose academic performance is poor, and therefore dropoutat the primary level,ending up as low-pay labourers. The programprovides support for students to enrol in theseTuition Centres,thereby enabling them topursue their passions, and bringing out their talents.


Rehab India Foundation nurtures school childrenin the remotest parts of various states, wherefamilies are very poor, and therefore,cannot afford to spend on basic necessities of children’s education. In response, we disbursed schoolstationery kits to underprivileged children in these areas. The kitconsists of a school bag, with 5 note books and apencil box with a pen, pencil, ruler, sharpener anderaser.


Meetings are conducted with parents, in order to discusstheir children’s performance and activities, and reiterate the importanceof continued education. Regularity and attendance of the students is also discussedduring these meetings.


Education in India has improved dramatically overthe last three decades, with accessibility of schoolsnow extending to most children. However, both student enrolment, and attendance are poor in rural areas.This is partly because parents are unaware of theimportance of education in improving the futureof their children. Enrolment campaigns aretherefore organised, to create awareness among parentsand urge them to enrol their children, of school-going age,or those who earlier had to dropout,in Rehab Tuition Centres.


The Foundation has been successful in linking Governmentagencies with Rehab Villages, through ourinformation centres. As a result, we haveand continue to facilitatethe creation of bankaccounts. A process for online form submission forstudents to avail Pre and Post-Metric scholarships has also been instituted.


In order to sufficiently educate children, teachers too need to betrained well. Keeping this in mind, Rehab organisesa Teacher Training Programme,the purpose ofwhich, is to equip teachers withknowledge relevant to the purpose of imparting effective education. In order to strengthen teachers’ skills, “AccessIndia” introduced comprehensive teacher trainingmodules, and conducted training forRehab teachers working under VDPs.


In collaboration with Access India, we conductcareer guidance programmes. Access India is a pioneer of learning and talent managementspecialising in Personality Development, CareerGuidance and Family Counselling.On such career guidance programme for students who recently passed their Grade 10 and 12 examinations,in Bansibari Community center, Katihar,Bihar. A total of 50 students from 17 VDPs participatedin the Programme. ‘Goal Setting’, ‘What’, ‘How’,‘Why’, ‘Where’… were explained. The importance ofselecting the right course for future studies, was also emphasised.



Rehab officially inaugurated its Adult literacy programon 8th September 2016, on the day of InternationalLiteracy, with a literacy awareness program taking place at Tubkiatola village. After extensive door to doorsurveys, 15th November marked the initiation of our first regular adult literacy class at Bansibarivillage, with two teachers and 30 students. In December 2016, the program expanded to another two villages -Ghontola and Tubkia. Student strength therefore Increased to 65, with 5 teachers. The second phase sawexpansion of our program to another 5 villages -Nawadah, Dokardah, Bodutola, Manohar andNariel Bari. We now are running a total of 10 adultliteracy projects, in different VDPs with 19 teachersand 285 women, in the Katihar district of Bihar.A basic literacy examination, under the Adult Literacymission of the Govt. of Bihar is held twice every year.This examination is facilitated withsupport from the District Literacy Department, Govt.of Bihar. As it stands, a total of 265women have appeared for the Mahapariksha in different centres, as a result of our efforts.Study materials are received from government Departments, and provided to trainers whenneeded. General block level meetings, with block coordinators, tolasewaks, and other governmentofficials are also held regularly