Dargha Tola VDP Inauguration, Purnea, Bihar

Sun, 02/26/2017 - 05:04 -- rehabeditor

Dargha Tola is a village situated in Purnea district of Bihar. The inauguration of this VDP was organized on the 6th of February, 2017 by the Rehab India Foundation. Ribbon cutting was done by Moulavi Arshad, Principal, Madrasatul Banat.

The event commenced with a welcome speech presented by Mr. Md. Ashfaque, Project Coordinator. Mr. Sadagar Ali, Project Coordinator explained about the objectives and aims of Rehab.

Mr. Saheer Abbas, Access India, Trainer addressed the gathering with an inspirational talk. He said that the first and the foremost duty of every individual is to acquire primary education along with better health care and better earnings which in turn will lead to Development. “Do not blame political parties or leaders for poverty, instead we must all stand in togetherness for the betterment of our village”, he added. He further said that, even after 70 years of independence, the people in states like Bihar, West Bengal and Assam are living without basic amenities. He also gave an example of a woman who travels long distances for cattle feeding and agriculture twice a day, but is not ready to send her children to school. He further added that, only when children are motivated and appreciated will they be able to work to their full potential and reach greater heights and come out with flying colours.

Mr. Moulavi Arshad, appreciated Rehab for their work by adopting the most backward villages in the field of education, health and economic situation. He also explained the first Ayah of the Qur’an, which states that everyone must read and study to gain knowledge.

Mr. Isaq, HR Manager, delivered a motivational speech regarding the “Significance of Education”. He stated that, every individual of the village must come forward in order to develop themselves as well as the village. He also said that, along with the help and support from people, Rehab will be able to change their present situation.

Mr. Mubaraq, Teacher, Madrasa Faizool Guruba, said that “the villages are the backbone of India”. People in villages are still backward due to many reasons, he added. He gave an instance of one of his batch mates being a woman she became a police officer who could accomplish this but through constant hard work. Likewise, he said that, these children have the capacity to become a doctor, an engineer, advocate, teacher, and so on, if they are rightly directed towards their objective.

In the end, Mr. Afsel felicitated the Land Donor, Mr. Abdur Rouf. Mr. Saher Abbas felicitated Moulavi Arshad. Mr. Isaq felicitated Mr. Habib Taimi, Vice Principal, Madrasatul Banat and Mr. Insafudheen felicitated Mr. Mubaraq.

The programme was then concluded with the Vote Of Thanks presented by Mr. Md. Ashfaque.