Medical Campaign in Bihar & West Bengal

Sat, 10/01/2016 - 06:58 -- rehabeditor

Good health is essential for the survival and economic self-sufficiency of individuals and their communities. On knowing the significance of health, Rehab India Foundation organizes “Free Medical Campaigns” for the poor and impoverished people of several villages in our country. Generally large segments of India’s urban slum and rural tribal populations do not have access to safe and reliable healthcare.  

Rural families suffer because of lack of doctors and no knowledge of hygienic practices. Being healthy becomes an important issue. To address the concern providing such initiatives are very important. Rehab Mobile medical unit serves in the remote areas.

In Bihar, Medical Campaign was held in the VDPs of Nawada, Talghat Champi, Tubkiyatola, Manohar, Bansibari, Dangama, Dokardha, Bakartola, Danipur, Nariyalbari, Bodutulla, Champi Gantola, Kamatola. 601 people were benefited through the campaign.

The medical camp was also organized in Akundabaria and Jugore VDPs in West Bengal. Around 200 people from the villages attended the medical campaign and were benefited.

Society is an important part of our lives and therefore growth and upliftment of society is very important for overall growth. With our consistent efforts and deeds we always wanted to improve the condition of people. This medical camp will help people to get health benefits. In many parts of the world, easily preventable and treatable diseases are causing death and long term suffering to millions due to lack of proper health care.

Mobile camps have been envisaged to provide preventive, promotive and curative health care in inaccessible or remote areas and difficult terrains, which are unserved areas under usual circumstances. This initiative of Rehab India Foundation helps the destitute and impoverished people of the
society to have access to basic medical and health care.