Ø  To make the less privileged children competent in the acquisition of knowledge.

Ø  To give the under privileged children a childhood to cherish by means of tuition facilities.

Ø  To train less privileged children to be productive and responsible citizens.

Ø  To prevent under privileged children from forming anti-social behaviours and joining child-labour.


For children, schooling does not really end with school. But the difficulty is, children belonging to the depressed sections once they return home from their schools every day do not have the right environment and support for completing their home work or for studying.

To address this problem, Rehab India Foundation is running tuition centre in Berhampore, West Bengal to make less privileged children competent enough to compete with the privileged.

It is geared for young students who perform poorly in their academics and drop out even at the primary level and end up as laborers. It provides support for students to enroll in Tuition Centers to pursue in their passion and bring out their talents.

The main purpose of this project is to make the less privileged children competent enough to compete with the privileged ones in education.  We concentrate on the academic excellence.  We also give due consideration to extend our tuition centres as centres of holistic human development, to bring out the hidden talents and potentialities of the underprivileged children.